Sunday, June 9, 2019

End of the Year Fun!

We learned that combination -ar sounds like a pirate- Arrrr!  We made pirate hats and filled them with -ar words.

We watched our caterpillars make their chrysalises and then emerge as butterflies. 

On Ag Day, we made commodity bracelets with 5th graders.  Each bead represented a different agricultural product.  We learned about cows and dairy products from a farmer.  We compared soy crayons to wax crayons.

We visited the Mobile Science Lab twice.  The first time, we made and tasted butter.  The second time, we learned how pizza ingredients come from agriculture and made charm necklaces.   

 We did an author study on Eric Carle.  We learned that he makes his illustrations by painting tissue paper and creating collages.  We also learned that he bases his stories around creatures/items you find in nature.  We created our own Eric Carle stories and illustrations.

In small groups, we researched an insect.  We created posters and presented our insect to the rest of the class.

 We learned about worms and how they help plants grow.  We also got to observe and hold some worms!

We did a unit on fairy tales.  One of our favorite fairy tale activities was building houses out of straw, sticks, and bricks.  All of the houses stayed standing against the big, bad blow dryer!   

 We had so much fun at field day!